Saturday, August 6, 2016


In May 2016 I moved from Tucson Arizona to Jaszbereny Hungary to start our company's European operation.  SunDanzer manufacturers solar powered refrigerators and freezers for domestic, commercial and medical use.  The plan has 2 phases.  Phase I is to set-up distribution and Phase II is to move some of our manufacturing from the US to Europe, probably Hungary. We have key suppliers and customers in Europe so this move reduces our logistics cost and time, and makes us more competitive.

The initial distribution phase is much easier and lets me learn the rules of the game here in Hungary before committing to manufacturing. The purpose of this blog is to communicate to other entrepreneurs issues I faced and to communicate to Hungarians what rules and regulations help, and more importantly, inhibit small business development.

I picked Hungary because I have a major supplier here and some Hungarian friends who graciously give me advice and help me overcome hurdles such as 'where to get a haircut' or help in locating key plastics and metal suppliers.  But the concern with Hungary, other than the language barrier, is the relatively low rating on the World Freedom Index.  Labor rates are low, but taxes and regulations are high.

Anyway, over the coming months I plan to chronicle the issues I face in the hope it is helpful to other entrepreneurs from aboard or within Hungary that aspire to do business in Hungary.

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